A Guide to Identifying Critical Content Errors and How to Fix Them As A Website Content Writer

The success of your website depends on several factors. From a reliable hosting server and refined website design to great website content, everything needs to fall into place. The latter is often ignored in this equation and that leads to poor performance and shrinking traffic for several sites. 

If you are writing website content on your website, you must avoid some crucial mistakes. Website content creates the foundation of your conversion funnel but also helps to generate organic traffic and gets more eyeballs on your website. Consider outsourcing this complicated task to experts who offer website content writing services to propel your new site toward success. 

Website content writers always avoid these content errors to ensure the success of your website:

1. Content With Poor Readability

Readability is a big factor that contributes to the overall user experience of your website. If users are unable to comprehend the content on your website, they won’t stick around for long. You don’t need to show off your college education where it’s not necessary. Instead, stick to simple vocabulary, and short sentences and avoid jargon that your audience may not be familiar with.

When you hire a website content writer, they allot a certain time to learn about the website and your target audience. They think from your audience’s perspective and write website content with simple yet effective language. They make sure to avoid large paragraphs, and sentences and choose a readable font like Arial or Verdana that looks nicer on digital screens.  If you intend to write the content for your website, test it out on the Hemingway app to check readability. Try to bring it down to Grade 6 or lower.    

2. Less Identifiable Headings

Whether you’re a website content writer or have expertise in product description writing, you must come up with great headlines to capture user attention. Headlines aren’t just great for engagement but also work in favor of your website’s SEO. Great headings and subheadings also allow the user to scan through your content and skip to the crucial information they are looking for.

An average user takes a few seconds to read a subheading. That’s why headings need to stand out and be properly composed. There are several steps you can take to make your subheadings stand out. Make them bolder, choose a different font for them, select a different font size, and finally make them catchy and intriguing enough to make your readers stick around.  

3. Being Inconsistent With Your Branding

Branding inconsistencies are holes that need to be plugged as soon as possible. They don’t just weaken your brand identity but confuse customers and drive them away. The first step to fixing branding inconsistencies is to set your brand identity. Define your:

  • Values
  • Mission
  • Textual, and
  • Visual identity, as a brand

Next, use your brand messaging to craft guidelines for a logo, typography, and the tone of voice you should use while writing website content. For instance, Apple has a casual yet serious tone that makes them approachable and enthusiastic to almost every consumer. This tone would help you write website content that helps users make a genuine connection with your products and services. Otherwise, you can choose to hire freelance content writers who would follow your brand tone and be consistent for both the website content and blogs.  

4. Copying From The Competition

Whether you are someone who sells subscription services or products through your store, it’s important to analyze the industry you are competing in. You’ll need to analyze the competition to figure out their strengths and come up with ways to beat them. However, copying their website content is an easy way to lose loyalty and be called out on social media.

You are always free to analyze the competition to fill gaps in your content. However, the copies and website content need to be creative and original. Without original copies, your taglines, product descriptions, website content, and everything else in between seem uninspiring and would fail to make your users go through the sales funnel. 

When writing website content, it’s important to avoid the crucial mistakes mentioned in this post. Apart from that, you also need to make the content search engine friendly and that’s where SEO content writing services come in. They can help you rank higher and increase your visibility on the internet.

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