An Ultimate Guide To Design Custom Pyramid Boxes

There are different types of retail products in the market that are packed in various shaped boxes according to the product dimensions, nature, and specs. Custom pyramid boxes are one of the them that are highly popular packaging solutions for branded products in the consumer market. Consequently, these products boxes are perfect for encasing a wide variety of products that look great when they are packed in these boxes. These boxes have three dimensions and 3D visual affect that make them more lucrative and noticeable to onlookers.

Basically, pyramid style boxes are available in two categories that are as follows:

  • Pie-Wedge Pyramid Box
  • Egyptian Pyramid Box

Both of the above boxes are perfect for packaging different types of products. You can personalize and create them according to your own packaging demand and design ideas.

Common Uses Of Pyramid Product Boxes 

Both custom coffin boxes and pyramid boxes look similar but have some difference. Pure pyramid box has the same shape like the original Egyptian pyramids and have one top and four bottom corners. On the contrary, wedge box has total three corners, two on bottom side and one on the top side. Here are some of the top products that come in the pyramid shape boxes:

  • Gift products
  • Ornaments
  • Bakery products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Promotional products
  • Small sport items
  • School supplies
  • Electronic accessories
  • And many other items

Tactics To Design Custom Pyramid Box Packaging

Pyramid boxes are highly popular product packaging option for a large variety of retail and gift items that look great placed on the stores’ shelves. Below are some of the top tips for you to craft lucrative and professional-looking boxes that can set your products apart from others:

1- Right Choice Of Packaging Material

The right choice of packaging stock is more essential for brand to provide the required protection to products. Brands create wholesale custom pyramid boxes using paper made cardstocks that are durable, sustainable, and highly protective packaging solutions for branded products. Furthermore, sustainable packaging is one of the top focus of retail brands due to the huge benefits they have for the environment.

2- Unique Customization Of Boxes

Uniqueness is a key to draw your target customers’ attention to your custom pyramid packaging boxes. Furthermore, people love to buy those products that impress them with their different looking box styles. That way you can set your products apart from the rest and make your products noticeable to onlookers.

3- Convenient Retail Product Boxes

People like to buy those retail items that are easy to use and unbox for them. Consequently, that’s the main reason why top brands always use handy custom pyramid boxes that provide a good experience to users and positively impact their buying behavior.

4- Specific Gift Product Box Creation

You can choose any suitable color scheme for deciding the final custom pyramid boxes design matching your brand’s overall theme. Moreover, by creating these boxes, you can make your product boxes shining at the retail stores’ shelves. Consequently, these boxes are perfect option for gift product encasing such as toys, candies, and gourmet products.

5- Quality Printing On Custom Boxes

After the basic designing of product boxes, you can add key details on custom printed pyramid boxes. These details play a key role in educating your customers about your brand and the product. In addition, you can add transparent window, bows, and ribbons on these boxes to make them eye-grabbing, professional, convenient that impress your target customers and urge them buy your company products.

The Bottom Line Of The Blog

Above are some of the top mentionable tricks for you to create custom pyramid boxes and coffin boxes with logo that are perfect packaging option for many consumer products. So, by these boxes’ professional personalization, you can provide the required protection to your products. Furthermore, thus you easily can distinguish your products from other brands’ same or similar products and highlight your company products from your rival brands’ products.

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