Detail Description Of Cooling Tower Parts and Their Functions

Cooling tower features include Electrical and Instrumentation Systems, Cooling Tower Valves, Cooling Tower Nozzles, Mechanical Equipment Support, Gear Boxes, Drive Shafts, Cooling Tower Louvers, Fan Cylinder, Fan Deck, Water Distribution Piping, Drift Eliminators, Cooling Tower Fans, Cooling Tower Fill, Cold Water Basin, and Cooling Tower Structure.

Below you can understand and go over every individual industrial cooling tower part and its functions.

  • Cooling Tower Instrumentation:

Cooling tower Instrumentation systems are seen in almost every cooling tower like, like meters For Cooling Tower Makeup Water, Blow Down Rate, Thermocouples for Cold and Hot Water Measurement Temperature, Low and High Oil Level Switches, Water Level Switches For Cold and Hot Water Basins and Vibration Switches.

  • Cooling Tower Fan Motor:

Refinery and petrochemical cooling towers require explosion-proof sophisticated fan motors for the potential heat exchangers. These fan motors provide Earth fault relay and overload relay protection functions.

  • Cooling Tower Nozzles:

Almost every cooling tower nozzle is made of plastic (glass-filled nylon, ABS, polypropylene and PVC plastics). Cooling tower Nozzles let the hot water distribution uniformly remain in a cooling tower compartment.

  • Distribution Valves:

The cooling tower’s distribution valves regulate the discharge of hot water evenly distributed in compartments. The distribution valve’s body simulates to stand up to dangerous environments.

  • Drive shafts:

Every Drive shaft transmits energy from the tower’s motor outcome shaft to the main gear reduction division to the input shaft.

  • Gear Box:

Colling tower’s gearboxes reduce the quantity of speed based on the cooling tower fan’s conditions. The torque tube always alights the driveshaft, gear reducer, and motor.

  • Louvers:

Colling tower louvres are made out of asbestos sheets. This Louver’s performance is based on two different purposes. Firstly, it retains circulating water into a cooling tower and secondly, it distributes air flow similarly into the cooling tower’s fill media.

  • Fan Cylinder and Fan Deck:

The cooling tower’s fan deck is mainly a supporting medium for the installed fan cylinders and it also makes an access route for the water distribution and fan.

  • Water Distribution Piping:

The main cooling tower’s water distribution piping condition is burial underground position and it needs to be kept in the ground to detour the jab loading of the cooling tower caused by pressure from water in the pipe and its weight.

  • Cooling Tower Fans:

The fans are one of the major components among all cooling tower parts. Most of the cooling tower’s fans are made with Glass Fiber, hot-submerge galvanized steel, Fiber Reinforced Plastic, and strong Aluminium. Fiber Reinforced Plastic is one of the most suitable options as it is very lightweight and relieves the energy consumption or necessities of the cooling tower fans. Specific pinch blade angles of fan blades depend on the season, like, the pinch angle increases at the time of the summer when the atmospheric density is down to increase the power of the fan.

  • Cooling Tower Structure:

The standard cooling tower structure is constructed with chemically treated wood. However, some more recent cooling towers are manufactured with FRP and Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) relying on the usage of the cooling tower.

Cooling tower components must be made of highly efficient and standard-quality materials. They should be constructed with durable materials and need to fit according to the client’s requirements.

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