Few important facts you should know to DIY clean your carpets better

As far as carpet cleaning is concerned there are varieties of cleaning solutions and products available in the market. Finding the right supplies to clean your carpet is often a difficult task. This is why it is better to have carpets professionally cleaned at times. A more specialist solution to bring out dirt and debris from the depths of carpet fibres along with a thorough cleaning of the décor item becomes necessary.  

But this puts up a question. Are conventional methods practiced by professional carpet cleaning services damage carpets? However there is nothing much to worry about, assure professional cleaners based in London having of experience in the trade. The methods, equipments and even cleaning products and solutions that are used by professionals to clean your prized décor items do not take any toll on the life of the carpets. But common people may take time to believe this. This is why this blog post is important for you to read. In the following paragraphs let us explore how professional cleaning does not damage carpets in any way.   

Ruining carpets with regular cleaning?

Excess cleaning of our clothes at short and frequent intervals shorten their life to some extent or the other. Carpets are also made of fabrics just like our clothes. So, why regular cleaning of carpets will not cut their life short too? The logic is strong enough not to be ignored. Yes cleaning carpets may affect the fabric of your carpet. Even average cleaning products that are use in commercial carpet cleaning could also take their toll on these delicate décor items.    

But according to professionals who deal in carpet cleaning in north London something is even more of a concern and that is proper drying of carpets. It is a matter of misfortune that the overwhelming majority of people neglect this aspect. Once the dirt and contaminants build-ups are removed from a carpet it must be allowed to get fully dry before you press it back to service. This is even more relevant when carpets undergo hot water extraction cleaning procedure. When you shoulder the responsibility of fully drying your carpets every time after a wash or cleaning there is not much way for it to get damaged. On the other hand leaving dirt, dust and other build-ups in your carpet over the weeks actually does more damage to this range of décor items.  

Do not allows stains and dust to sit on your carpets for long

People usually do not remove stains from their carpets quickly. This is a massive problem in itself. Any stain on carpets needs to be removed immediately with a proactive approach. But people do exactly the opposite. They allow stains to sit on their carpets well and when a stained has almost settled down properly on a carpet they suddenly take reactive a reactive approach to remove it. As a result they have to encounter several issues. In this context it is important to note that regular vacuuming of carpets is an excellent way to keep the fibres of any carpet in sound shape, opines an expert who provides the service of rug cleaning in north London. Moreover it helps removing dirt and dust build-ups from the carpet surface.

It is important to tell you that vacuuming carpets every day is never the same as periodically cleaning those. As you vacuum your carpets every day, you put up effort to clear away dirt, dust, food debris and stains from their surface. When proper carpet maintenance it is crucial that you clear out stains from carpets immediately as you notice one. If you allow a stain to sit on a carpet it gradually gets into the deeper of the fibres. Thus it becomes more and more difficult to get rid of it. 

Stains when ignored and left on their positions can damage your carpet. When you have this fact ingrained in your mind, then pursuing a proactive approach to deal with stains will not be difficult. Regular vacuuming really proves insufficient to get rid of food debris, pet stains, grease and many other problems related to carpets. When you see a stain that is quite prominent you do not have to clean the whole carpet. Just clean the affected areas and that is enough. Unfortunately many people cannot think it this way and set out to clean the whole of the carpet. But that is really not necessary. You can clean only the stained area or areas using water and carpet shampoo.

Taking proper care of any carpet does not only mean fighting dirt and stains. It is also important to take proper care of the fibres of the carpet. You have to keep the fibres in proper shape for as long as it is possible. Moreover it pays off handsomely when you invest in a good quality vacuum with powerful suction. It makes your dry cleaning efforts on your carpets more effective.  

Importance of drying a carpet fully before reusing

Carpet cleaners in north London, identify a common mistake people make with their carpets. They do not allow their carpet to dry out completely before reusing after a thorough wash. This is more relevant to the hot water cleaning method. Hot water cleaning is a tried and tested means to get a carpet thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. But when you start using the carpet before it is completely dry, you take a massive risk related growth of moulds. Moulds in the long run not only damage your carpets but also the quality of air across your indoors. That becomes health risk for you as well as other members in your household including pets. 

Always make sure a carpet is thoroughly dried after a hot water extraction method before you press it back to service.

Beware of aggressive carpet shampoos

Carpet shampoos are quite aggressive in nature and the synthetic products can damage your carpet in course of time. You should apply carpet shampoos occasionally. In fact this range of clean products works wonders and removes dirt and debris from the depths of carpet fibres. But yet it is important to use this range of products on your carpets wisely. The harsh chemicals may even leave toxic residues behind. So it is better to be careful and cautious.

Importance of patch test

A patch test is a must before using a cleaner for the first time to clean a carpet. Apply a very little of the cleaner to an inconspicuous portion of the carpet and wait for about 15 minutes suggest professionals working at VIP Carpet Cleaning London. If there is no discolouration or any other visible damage to the carpet then you know the cleaner is safe to use on that carpe.

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