Getting to Know the Names of Orthodontic Components

One of the components of orthodontics, which, of course, is also very important, is an orthodontic brace. Any tool that is designed to adjust the position of the jaw, move, and keep the teeth fixed is called an orthodontic brace. These tools can be mobile permanently or semi-permanently placed on the teeth.

Orthodontic Band

As an experienced orthodontist in Orangeville says, bands are metal rings that are often the color of the molars (small and large) to which they are to be attached. Bands are available in different sizes, and according to the size of the patient’s tooth, the orthodontist selects the appropriate band and places it around the tooth, then makes it tighter. To keep the braces in place, a kind of dental glue is used; this glue is not harmful at all and prevents tooth decay. After placing the band, the orthodontist installs the support or orthodontic anchor of the tooth in front of the brace to put pressure on the other teeth as well.

Orthodontic Wire (Archwire)

The main orthodontic wire, which is also known as archwire, is another orthodontic component that is made in the shape of the specific curvature of the mouth and is connected to the brackets of each tooth. The orthodontic wire applies constant pressure to the brackets and teeth, which, over time, returns them to their original position. Usually, during treatment, the patient will need to change several archwires, each of which will bring the teeth closer to their final position.

Orthodontic Bracket

Brackets do the main work of pulling or pushing the teeth. They are mounted directly on the teeth and have a small hole for the archwires to pass through. There are different types of brackets, and they can be transparent metal or ceramic.

Gem of Orthodontic Bracket

Orthodontic bracket gems are square-shaped components made of metal or ceramic that are attached to the teeth with a special adhesive. If the brackets are made of metal, it is said that the type of orthodontics is metal orthodontics, but if these square components are made of ceramics, it is said that the person has done ceramic orthodontics.

Orthodontic Braces

In general, we can say that we have three types of orthodontic braces, which are:

Rubber band (elastic)

The rubber straps are movable. They are attached to the hooks of the brackets and connect the teeth of the upper and lower jaw. The continuous pressure caused by the stretching of the rubber band helps to move the upper and lower teeth to correct bite problems.


O-rings are small round bands that are tied around the brackets to hold the orthodontic band in the bracket hole. These pads are available in different colors that are chosen according to the patient’s taste.


There are small elastics that are placed between two teeth. After some time, these elastics create a gap between the teeth and allow the band to be tied around them.


The orthodontic hook is a metal hook that protrudes from the corner of the bracket. Some of the hooks are movable, but most of the hooks are part of the body of the brackets. Spiral or elastic springs (band rubber) are connected to these hooks and provide the possibility of adjusting the distance or changing the alignment of the jaw bones.

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