How Android spying Work For Game Manias?

How Android spying Work For Game Manias?

Let me start with the confession. I was not a good child and my parents suffered a lot because of my mischievous activities, especially in the teen era. But I did not know it will come back to hunt me down in a severe way that I had never imagined in my life. Though I was frequently told and reminded by my mother that I should get prepared about dealing with teen tantrums before my kids hit puberty. But I had always thought that she is just trying to be extra funny and maybe hyping up things, trying to maybe mess up with my mind.  I did not take them as actual warnings. Later on, I found out that she was not joking and it was all true.

My son is a shy kid and he spends most of the time in his room. He has more online friends than real friends and it’s because he plays online games with players from all around the world, An Arabic, Dutch, and Bangladeshi friend is on the list of oldest friends as they have been playing games together for years. I remember in the start they started learning their languages to speak with each other. Anyway, the point is this is all he has got as in the real life he is shy and geek kind does not let others easily approach him with a friendly gesture. Thus most of the time either he is alone at school or home. I personally had no problems with the game thing until a few months earlier. But when he started missing out on major real-life events just because he had game tournaments with online friends I was bitter. I have even found him awake at 4’O clock in the morning just because he did not think it was too late in the game flow. So things like these were making me more uncomfortable and worried as just like any other mother I wanted him to enjoy real life and be a normal social person who can freely move in society. I asked for some suggestions from some wise and sensible people in my circle. Android spying was brought up by many of them so I thought maybe it authentic thing and it will work for me as well.

  • Statists report the number of online players who play games as 3.24 billion

I was familiar with the idea of android spying earlier but honestly, I did not take that as some serious thing. I thought maybe it works only in books and all those reviews are just for marketing. But when I noticed that many people in my social circle are regular users of the TheOneSpy spy app I thought of giving it a try. Here is how I am managing the gaming addiction of my kid through the help of a spy app.

Fix Time For Games:

The first thing that I had on my mind was to limit his playtime. He was spending sleepless nights and his studies started affecting him as well. So with the TheOneSpy android spying technology, the first thing I did was monitor his playtime. The screenshot and short video recordings allow me to know about eth timespan spent playing the game.

Real-Time Reports:

I can even watch his screen at any given time as well thanks to the screen recording feature. With real-time monitoring, I can catch him live in action and take action right away.

Listen To him When He Is Talking With Online Friends:

The mic bug feature helps me listen to his chat and normal discussion with online friends during the gaming session.

Watch Him Playing:

TheOneSpy Android spying gives me control of the front and rear camera of the device. I can watch him play as well. The feature helps me monitor him during his alone time.

TheOneSpy makes android spying like a piece of cake. I was worried that maybe I will not be able to handle the tool or the kid will find out about this thing but thankfully it has not happened. I am trying to limit the gaming time and push him to go out like a normal kid to overcome his shy nature.

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