How to get likes on Facebook? Check out these methods!

How to get likes on Facebook? Getting likes is one of the main functionalities of Facebook, which proves the popularity of a given profile or material. Regardless of whether we run a brand account or a private profile, we often want to have as many likes as possible. In this text, we present various ways to obtain them – from traditional ones to original or even controversial ones.

Create quality content

The first and definitely the best way to get a large number of likes is to create good, high-quality and valuable material. On Facebook, where there is a lot of low-quality content or spam, naturally interesting posts will stand out from the rest and often receive large numbers of likes. This is a rather prosaic way to gain likes, but most importantly, it is effective. You have chance to expand content through other platform, Twitter is the best place to get more exposure through Real twitter followers.

How to get likes on Facebook? Creating valuable content

To create good material, first of all, you need to do research and know what topics are currently popular in our target group. Then, it is worth choosing a topic that is universal and timeless, as well as useful for our recipients. A valuable form of content on Facebook is, for example, guides that easily provide valuable knowledge to recipients who can benefit from it.

Ask for likes on Facebook

The second very good way to get likes on Facebook is to simply ask for them. This is also a very simple and often ignored way of gaining likes, although it can give us a lot of them. If we need likes, it is worth asking our friends, our fans or people in the group to like our materials.

How to ask for likes?

Contrary to appearances, many people will decide to help us, understanding the need to quickly obtain a large number of likes. It is worth emphasizing that this method should be used wisely and skillfully. Don’t ask your friends too often. They may get irritated and not give us likes in the future when we need them. However, if we use asking for likes skillfully, many people will definitely want to help us.

Motivated likes – a good way to get likes

A very interesting way to get likes on Facebook is motivated likes. These are likes given to our profile in exchange for a specific thing. Recipients are motivated by a certain promise we have made, and they give likes wanting to receive a “reward”.

How to get such likes?

We can implement motivated likes in various ways. We can promise our fans and recipients to publish specific material or perform specific things, e.g. industry tests or publishing original material. We can promise these things in exchange for obtaining a specific number of likes for a specific material or by a specific date. This is a very beneficial solution, because thanks to it we will receive the desired likes, and the recipients will be able to receive a bonus – an addition to our profile.

Competitions, games, fun

Another way that can bring us a large number of likes on Facebook is to organize competitions, games and activities. This is a very interesting and diversifying element of running our profile, which we can implement regularly and thus break the monotony of publishing regular entries. Engaging posts usually get the most likes.

Certainly, many people like competitions, games and fun and will take part in them. In this way, we will often be able to attract new audiences who will remain our fans forever.

What to pay attention to when organizing a competition on Facebook and beyond?

We can organize competitions and games in various styles. It may be a competition with material prizes or just a game to achieve the highest possible score.

It is important to organize only competitions on Facebook that will select the winner based on the competition entries. Facebook’s regulations prohibit organizing random games in which the winner is selected randomly. This is to prevent gambling, so we should not risk legal problems.


A very interesting idea for gaining likes on Facebook is to organize surveys in graphic form. They are becoming more and more popular and allow us to gain large numbers of likes and reactions to our materials.

For the Facebook algorithm, it doesn’t matter what motivated the people who gave us likes, what matters is the effect. We can use this relationship and publish a survey that involved adding specific reactions to our post. A like or a heart can mean two variants of answers, e.g. regarding the winner of the match or the preferred food option.

Buying likes on FB

One of the most controversial ways to get likes on Facebook is to buy them. Buying likes is a common practice on the Internet, and a sudden influx of likes is offered both by large marketing agencies and companies specializing in this, as well as private sellers, e.g. on Allegro. There are also many portals on the Internet where we can buy a specific number of likes that will appear under our material almost automatically.

Be careful when buying Facebook likes

Although there are many options on the Internet to quickly gain likes, it is worth using this option wisely. First of all, we should make sure to buy likes if we decide to do so from a reliable and quality source.

Buying a large number of likes may be detected as an attempt at manipulation by Facebook and may even result in account blocking. Therefore, you should pay attention to buy likes from reputable suppliers who add them in a qualitative and natural way.

On the other hand, it is a very good method to obtain a very large number of likes and increase the popularity of our material on Facebook, which in turn drives even more exposure of the post.

How to get likes on Facebook? Try SmmStore

Buying likes, organizing competitions, giveaways, motivated likes, asking for likes… None of the ways to get likes on Facebook convince you? Check out buying likes on FB at SmmStore.Co.UK (also known as SmmStore).

An alternative way to get likes to buy them is to exchange them. There are many like4like websites or groups on Facebook itself. They enable the exchange of likes between individual users and brands.

The principle of operation of this method is very simple. Just add a link to our material and like other people’s material while waiting for a rematch. This way, we can exchange likes with a large number of other Facebook users, accumulating many likes on our material.

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