How to Rock a Printed Silk Saree and Be the Life of the Party?

If you’re like most women, you know how hard it is to find the perfect party-wear saree that suits your style and personality. Aspiring to look stunning and adding a touch of perfection to the outfit makes the task all the more difficult. Wondering what would be a perfect saree to pick for a party-ready look to create that ever lasting impression? 

Even though much has been written and said about silk sarees that uphold the party look, printed silk sarees offer the utmost comfort and blazing styles. The reason why printed silks are a favourite party wear is that they are light, easy to drape, very comfy, and suitable for day and night occasions. The subtle and distinctive prints give you a refined look and make you dazzle on the celebration.

Here is a collection of printed silk sarees online you can research to create a memorable party-ready look.

  • Katan Silk Sarees 

The wedding bells are ringing and the saree that strikes your mind first is katan silk. If you want to buy authentic silk sarees online that provide the sophistication of unique prints on silk and the comfort of draping, look no further than printed katan silk sarees for a wedding reception party. Crafted from the finest silk threads, get your hands on handpicked pieces from boutiques to look stylish and confident on various occasions. What’s more, you can mix and match different colours and team your attire with shimmer or cape-style blouses with high necks for a perfect party look. 

  • Murshidabad silk 

Traditional Murshidabad silk symbolises elegance and grace. So, prepare to spread your vibes at the party with exclusive printed silk collections. With the monsoon lurking across the country, you have to choose your attire cautiously. A rich collection of hand-woven Murshidabad silk saree with a gorgeous blouse is a party stunner anyway! 

Made from the finest quality mulberry silk, Murshidabad silk sarees have always been popular for printed designs. Often, the prints on the silk sarees are done with wooden blocks to create an eminent look in the attire. Are you exploring collections of Bengal printed silk sarees online? Don’t miss this party-favourite if you want to be a real showstopper. Be it a wedding reception party, a birthday party, an anniversary, or an office party, you will create a roaring look with the choicest prints on a sophisticated silk fabric. 

  • Tussar Silk

Who can miss the fervour of rich tussar silk sarees that are sure to add grace to the party and more so when you have them printed traditionally? Handloom tussar silk sarees are wardrobe essentials for many reasons and when it’s dressing up for the party, you can try those unique prints and experiment with flawless drapes to look stunning in a party occasion. With a rough and grainy texture, traditional style, and hand-printed designs, the earthy fabric gets a new and impressive look. The telltale characteristics of tussar silk lend the fabric a warm glow and uniformity. Just make sure to wear traditional jewellery to lend a unique look. 

  • Modal Silk 

Modal silks are the right choice for women who prefer wearing lightweight and smooth fabrics that breathe and make you feel comfortable. What is even more interesting about these sarees is that they are shrink-resistant, meaning that you can pull them out from the wardrobe and drape them anytime you want. Owning a modal silk and choosing it for creating an unforgettable party look gives you the best of both worlds and let you shine. Try looking for ajrakh prints on modal silk sarees to create a perfect blend of modern and traditional. Pair these sarees with antique silver jhumkas to look vibrant and beautiful. 

  • Pure Silk 

Have you ever noted the shimmer shine and lustre of pure silk sarees? Look for boutique sarees during online shopping and enjoy choosing attires with a multitude of colours and prints. Won’t it be excellent to choose fabrics that speak of the authenticity of silk and the smoothness that you are going to feel during the party? 

  • Chanderi Silk 

The glossy appearance, the transparent look, and the sheer texture of Chanderi silk sarees make them a winner anyway. It is a perfect all-weather saree where the weft is silk and the warp is cotton. The super-light and hand-woven saree is surely going to create a winning streak in those parties where you want to stand out from the crowd. 

The last thing you want at the party is your saree matching with someone else. So, a pulsating combination of colours and prints in silk sarees dominated by light textures should be the ideal party wear. Imagine rocking a party look that competes with the Indian fashion royalty. Explore the collections of Dora By Phoenix, a Kolkata-based saree boutique for handpicked ensembles, and adorn yourself to create an unforgettable party look.

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