How to travel to your favourite destinations with a full-time job?

How do you feel when you see your Instagram feed bubbling with travel updates? 

A little jealous. Right? It’s hard to gulp when engaged in official stuff. 

However, you can do so without compromising when you love your job and wish to travel. You need to have your travel bucket list and budget to have a fulfilling trip. Thus, you do not need to switch to part-time jobs or leave it to travel the world.

You can work full-time and balance your wanderlust hassle-free. The blog discusses some ways to travel with a full-time job without compromising.

6 Ways to tick-off Your Travel Bucket List with a Full-time Job

Identify how many days you get as vacations in a year, including the paid leaves. In most countries, the count stays 10-14. That’s low. Thus, how do you travel with a full-time job? There are plenty of ways to do that. It’s all about balancing your personal and professional goals right. The following tips may help:

  • Prioritise traveling

Some people like to travel, while some like to spend most of their time at home. There’s nothing wrong. If you are a former reader of the travel blog, make travel a priority. Analyse what motivates you to begin your travel journey. Is it the desire to know the diverse cultures or visit unique places to experience something new? It could also be a brief escape from life.

Motivation guides you through the trips you must take. For example, you can go for religious gateways and retreats if spirituality motivates you. Next, identify the obstacles to traveling. It could be work-related liabilities, family obligations that do not keep you away from home for long, etc. It will help you plan a trip the right way.

  • Plan your trips 

A few people yell at computer screens- “I don’t get enough time to plan travel. I can’t possibly travel as much as I want.” But that’s untrue. You can plan a trip within the available week offs and leaves. Identify time you can get on vacations, weekends, and national holidays. Plan and book everything at the beginning of the year. It is because the accommodations and flights get cheaper.  

Individuals with regular income can book everything by adjusting their budget a little. However, recently, the unemployed have struggled with the same. They lack sufficient savings and regular income to support their travel plans. 

Check whether you can work this out with your part-time work savings. If not, check loans for people on benefits for additional cash push.  It may help individuals leverage benefits coverage to finance their regular needs.  However, you can use it to finance travel-related expenses as well. 

  • Stockpile your vacations

Sometimes, you need more than a week off to travel to a destination. Stockpiling your paid leaves and vacations may help you. Moreover, it grants you sufficient time to budget and save for the trip. Some companies may allow it if you do not take any leaves further.

Dig into the employer’s vacation rules. Know your human resource representative and befriend the scheduler. Identify whether you can work overtime to cover up. Can you use your sick leaves if there are plenty left? How many days off can you take at a time? 

Moreover, which holidays do you get off automatically? How much is the pay cut if you take multiple leaves at once? Oftentimes, your employer may reward you for your excellent contribution to the company. He may offer a month’s sabbatical off every year. 

  • Choose your travel time right

Another timesaving way to plan your trip is by choosing the travel times right. Most individuals struggle to get an off on the flight day. Thus, schedule your flights to attend the office and grab a flight at night. Check the flight tickets. Chances are you may spot affordable flight tickets at the late hour. This way, you can save and attend to your official obligations without missing them.

Similarly, book a late flight while booking your flights on the way back home. It will help you explore the destination better. It may not be easy for you initially, but it is worth trying. Alternatively, if you cover nearly every spot on your bucket list for the place, you can book an early flight. It will help you rest and attend the office for a half day.

  • Discover hidden places in your city

Travel is all about refreshing up. So, it has nothing to do with the miles  you travel.                                                  While it may not be easy for you to plan a proper trip, you can make the most of the time by exploring the hidden gems in your city.

You may not know it, but every place on this planet shares something special. Thus, it would be best if you did not underestimate that. Moreover, you can plan a short trip without taking leave. You can plan a gateway on weekends.

Identify the tourist attractions in your city and the unvisited places. It grants you a chance to get to know your city well. Think of it like booking tickets to visit museums, theatres, and other spots in London or Greece. The things will astonish you. Sometimes, you may spot an entirely new feeling with places visited a million times over.

  • Above all, be sincere!

Sincerity towards your official duties stands unmatched by any other professional conduct. Work hard and build up a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy employee. Dedicate your 100% towards your responsibilities at the position. It will not attract tough remarks or complaints from your employer and colleagues. 

They will stand by you and believe that you deserve a time off after all that hard work. However, when you leave for the trip, make it easier for your team to carry the project well.  Close the projects that you have been working on with a list of step-by-step instructions. 

Most individuals forget important trip aspects while wrapping up work. If you forget to repair the suitcase and schedule a cab, you may panic an hour before the flight. Chances are, you may lack cash to fund these immediately. Do not worry; grab loans for 5000 pounds immediately from your smartphone. You get the cash in your account the same day.  Use it for what needs to be done quickly and ensure a smooth journey.

Bottom line

These are some verified tips to travel with a full-time job. It is all about knowing the company policies and plan a smooth trip. Identify how the absence would impact the work and dedicate extra hours to cover up. Additionally, analyse the best national holidays, weekends and vacation leaves to plan your holiday. It will reduce your absence from the office for a long time. Moreover, the work will not be compromised. 

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