My Wine Cellar Looks Incredible with These 6 Fabulous Designs

Do you take interest in tasting different kinds of wine, acquired from various parts of the world? Then, it must be your hobby to collect these wines too. Being a wine connoisseur, you should also invest in a proper storage space, worthy of your exquisite wine collection. No matter if you are a contemporary homeowner looking to use up a spare room or an unused corner for your lovely wine bottles, we have put together some of the stellar wine cellar designs and storage styling ideas that will help you preserve your collection in a tasteful manner.

  • Racks on the Wall

Do you have limited space in your house? Well, people these days live in condos and apartments. But that does not mean you cannot store your favorite wines. Make use of the walls and stack the wine bottles on wooden wine cellar racking or wrought iron wine racks. Try the wall unit like the one used in this kitchen design from the Leanne Ford Interiors. Keep the wine bottles in a horizontal manner as this will prevent the oxygen from slipping out of the cork.

  • Go for a Wine Wall

Look at the design by Catherine Kwong Design and see how the whole wall at the back of the counter is entirely dedicated to your wine collection. This is a smart and convenient design, which helps you entertain your guests easily. You can simply grab a bottle and pour it to your friends and visitors even without having to leave the room. 

  • Enhance the Showcase

Do you already have a wine showcase where you keep your wine bottles? Why don’t you enhance it a little better to make it flaunt-worthy? Take a cue from this Martyn Lawrence Bullard design for your custom wine cellar doors. Look at the gold accents used in this integrated wine showcase which can even be created with metal wine cellar doors. It can blend in with all kinds of interiors and yet stand out in its own character. Any homeowner with a refined taste will totally grab this idea. What about you?

  • Be a Part of the Kitchen Island

Do you lack a full room to create your wine cellar? Worry not! You can create a stylish and stunning space for your wine collection even inside your kitchen. You can even control the climate and temperature levels as required for your wine bottles. Lookout for this wine cooler in the kitchen island design by Pembrooke& Ives.

  • Custom Wine Room

Do you have a huge collection of wine that will need a whole room? Create a closet-size wine cellar with wooden wine room doors too. If you do not want to hide it away from the crowd and yet want to prevent any disturbance or vibration, then you can create a wooden finish wine room. Perfect for smart and contemporary interiors, these can totally steal the show. Designer Rudy Arden from Wine Cellars of Houston shows the right way to do it with great quality wooden work or metal wine racking, right from racks to the flooring.

  • Paint the Town Red

Red and wine always go together. So, how can you have wine storage without this! Whether you are going for a wine cellar or a wine cabinet in your pantry, you should not forget to have a touch of the red hue in your home wine cellar design. After all, the overall impact of your wine storage will come alive when the glass bottles are complemented with a colorful texture on the wooden cabinets. Check out the Birgitte Pearce Design of wine red cabinets with mirrored tiles to further uplift the whole experience.

If you love these ideas, then why don’t you start planning your wine storage? Look for a professional wine cellar in Houston and get started with your designs.

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