Protect and smooth your eyes with these tips

Many acknowledge that a lady’s eyes are where most people find her beautiful since they serve as both the entrance and the residence of love in a woman.

The most alluring aspect of a face is its eyes, which serve as windows to the soul by displaying an individual’s inner emotions, whether they laugh, cry, or smile. When we are at a loss for words, the easiest method to convey our feelings or ideas is through our eyes.

We should constantly take care of the health of our eyes since they do so much work for us. Reddish, worn-out, or irritated eyes can ruin your entire appearance, and your eyesight may gradually deteriorate as well. Here are some pointers to help you maintain the health of your eyes and keep them from seeming old or unattractive.

Tea bags:

The tea bags are great for the eyes since they help to relax and calm the muscles around the eyes. Don’t use the herbal tea bags; just use the black ones. Put the cooled tea bags over your closed eyelids. Give it some time to relax there.


It has a reputation for doing miracles for weary eyes. Cucumbers are cooling in nature. You may rest your closed eyes for a bit by placing two slices of cucumber over each one. It is believed to brighten the dark circles under the eyes in addition to cooling them.

Cucumber juice is another option for you. Grate the whole cucumber and use a muslin cloth to squeeze off the liquid to produce the juice.

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Apply two cotton pads that have been dipped in juice to the closed eyelids. Leave them there until you have had some time to unwind. After that, take the pads off.

Tomato juice or pulp:

Tomato juice is beneficial to the eyes as well. Carotene is abundant in tomatoes. Applying this advice as soon as possible is essential if you have dark circles under your eyes. The fruit is said to brighten dark bags under your eyes and increase their radiance.

An alternate paste may be prepared by combining one teaspoon of tomato pulp, half a teaspoon of lime juice, a sprinkle of turmeric, and a small amount of gram flour. Use Careprost 3ml on your eyelids and the regions that are darker around your eyes. After 30 minutes, wash off and take a break.

Lime juice with almond oil:

Make it a tradition to apply a paste of lime juice and almond oil to the dark regions or around the eyes before going to bed each night.

Honey with almond oil:

This mixture works wonders for lifting sinking eyes. Combine a teaspoon of honey and a half-spoon of almond oil to produce the mixture. It’s preferable to finish it before going to bed. The combination must be applied to your closed eyelids for the whole night. In the morning, gently wipe it off. This advice may safely treat regions around the eyes that are sunken or discoloured.

Milk with almonds:

This is just another helpful suggestion for treating sunken eyes. Some almonds must be soaked in water for the whole night. Next, peel and consume the almonds first thing in the morning. Chew thoroughly to promote good digestion. Pour yourself a glass of milk afterward. It should help to practice this for 21 days.

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