Certain Invisalign facts you should know before going for the treatment

Invisalign is a full range, reliable orthodontic technique to straighten misaligned teeth. The technique uses clear transparent aligners made from high grade thermoplastic. The treatment or procedure is effective in correcting a range of orthodontic problems including bite issues, crowded or crooked teeth and gaps between the teeth.  

The treatment approach is preferred by both teens and adults. It is ideal for those who want to improve their smile using an option that is more inconspicuous and less visible than traditional braces. The Invisalign braces exert steady, calculated and gentle pressure on the teeth to facilitate their movement from the present to desired positions. 

Advantages Invisalign offers 

Invisalign offers a lot of benefits over other teeth straightening options. Some of its advantages include the following –

  • The aesthetic cause – This is one of the major reasons that fuels popularity of Invisalign. As the name implies, Invisalign is all about invisible braces. Unlike traditional braces these clear plastic aligners remain virtually invisible in your mouth and are hardly noticeable. The system has no accompanying brackets and wires hanging from your mouth either to attract attention.
  • Easy to remove anytime to wear back again – Unlike traditional braces this range of orthodontic aligners is easily removable. You can remove the aligner trays anytime you want and wear back on your own. Thus Invisalign offers much greater flexibility compared to conventional metal braces.
  • Zero dietary restriction – Invisalign aligners are easily removable. In other words there is no dietary restriction for these patients. Whereas with conventional braces there are a lot of restrictions on what you eat and drink throughout the phase of your treatment. When you are on Invisalign you literally eat and drink anything you want. However every time you eat or drink anything (other than plain water) you should take your aligner trays out. Then after consuming the item you should wear the aligners back on the teeth.
  • Greater ease in cleaning the teeth and maintain optimum oral hygiene – When you are on any orthodontic treatment it is common that you may not maintain optimum oral hygiene. This is because properly brushing and flossing the teeth are really difficulty with fixed braces. But with Invisalign there is no such inconvenience to counter, assures a dentist with years of experience in handling patients with Invisalign in Wandsworth. You just remove the brackets from the teeth to brush and floss properly every day. Once your oral hygiene regimen is complete just wear the brackets again. 
  • Lesser unexpected complication to stall or derail your treatment – Lots of unexpected complications are associated with traditional braces. The brackets may fall off or the wires may get broken. In every such complication that arises you have to rush to your orthodontist to get the problem immediately fixed. If it is not fixed promptly then there is always the possibility of your treatment getting derailed or stalled. But when you are on Invisalign you can expect a very few unexpected potential problems to arise.   

Disadvantages that Invisalign offers

We have discussed the advantages of Invisalign in the section above. Here let us explore the disadvantages it offers.

  • Not ideal to handle complex orthodontic issues – It seems these clear plastic aligners are not ideal to handle complex orthodontic issues although a very limited research has been done on the subject to reach this conclusion. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is not much effective in correcting complex cases of teeth straightening. If you need only certain kinds of movement for your teeth then Invisalign may not be able to provide that. In that cases dentists and orthodontists usually recommend other alternative options to fix the problem. Moreover you may not be considered an ideal patient to undergo Invisalign teeth straightening if you have an earlier bridgework done on some of your teeth explain dentists at one of the best Invisalign clinics in Wandsworth.
  • Maintaining compliance is crucial when you are on Invisalign – In order to secure the best results from your Invisalign treatment you must wear the aligner trays at least 20 to 22 hours a day. This is one of the most crucial compliance that must follow. If you do not follow this compliance you will not get your desired results at the end of the treatment. Moreover your treatment may linger longer and that means an escalated cost than the estimated figures your Invisalign provider gave you before start of the treatment. Since these aligner trays are easily removable, it is always tempting to slip the appliances out from the teeth more often than you should.  
  • Remove the aligners while eating or drinking – While eating or drinking you have to take the aligners out from the mouth. If you do not care to take the aligners out then these clear, transparent orthodontic appliances are likely to get stained from the foods and drinks you consume. In that case the virtually invisible appliances will not remain inconspicuous in your mouth any more. Moreover food especially those are hard can damage the appliances easily so that those do not fit on your teeth tightly any more. It is also easy for bacteria build-ups to grow in your mouth when you do not take your aligners out while eating or drinking. However it is okay to drink only plain water without taking the aligners out says a dentist who offers easily affordable and cheap Invisalign in Wandsworth.

It is important to note that Invisalign imposes no restriction on your foods and drinks much unlike the traditional braces. But when you remove your aligners from the teeth you are likely to experience soreness. Considering this it is better to avoid hard foods at least during the first few days after moving on to a net set of aligners.

Approximate cost of Invisalign treatment  

It is quite interesting that the cost of Invisalign treatment is almost same as the traditional braces. The typical cost falls between £2,400 and £4,000, with the final amount influenced by factors such as your treatment duration, the complexity of teeth misalignment, the chosen Invisalign provider’s location, and other related considerations. It is relevant mentioning that certain dental insurance plans cover all or a portion of the cost of Invisalign treatment. You should better discuss this in advance with your insurance provider. This is suggested by dentists working at the 1A Orthodontics. If you have an FSA or Flexible Spending Account then you can use a part of its fund for your Invisalign teeth straightening. Moreover, a lot of dental practices are now offering easy monthly payment options which you can avail. The total cost of the treatment is spread over easy monthly instalments. Getting Invisalign treatment is now easier than ever.

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