Why Should You Setup Your Email On a VPS Hosting Plan?

Business website and email are two major components that define the success of a setup in the online realm. These two serve as the identity of the business and establish its credibility. Hosting is necessary to make the website and email available online. Most authorities opt for VPS hosting for sites due to its far-reaching benefits. 

However, when it comes to email, authorities often make questionable choices. Outsourcing the service to third parties often appears as a lucrative option, but it causes numerous disadvantages in the long run. Hosting your email on the same virtual private server as your site is the best possible choice you can make.

Keep scrolling into the details of this article to learn and explore why you should set up your business email on a VPS hosting plan and take appropriate measures to set it up.

Top 6 Reasons to Setup Email on VPS Hosting Plan

Emails are necessary for every other individual in current times, but they are inevitable for brands, business setups, and organizations. Choosing a random email domain or hosting service may be harmless for individuals but not for business setups. Therefore, businesses need to make a more thoughtful choice in terms of email hosting. Hosting the email on virtual private servers is one of the best options.

Here are the major reasons to set up your business email on a VPS hosting plan and secure the associated perks.

  1. Heightened Security

Heightened email security is the first and foremost reason to set them up on a VPS hosting plan. Business emails are usually the prime target of hackers to access the confidential data and information of a setup. It is often sold to third parties for financial gain. Outsourcing email hosting comes with the risk of security attacks. Even if there is some other target, your data will also be compromised. Setting up email on a virtual private server will isolate it from others. You can hire a VPS hosting company in Dubai to opt for a suitable plan and host your email on it.

  1. Branding Opportunities

Branding opportunities are the next reason to set up email hosting on a virtual private server. Including the name of the brand or business in an email address boosts the credibility of the brand and contributes to its branding efforts, too. However, outsourcing email hosting steals this opportunity and makes the brand use the name of the service provider in the email address. The users might find it suspicious and quit your site and service. On the contrary, hosting email on your virtual private server can support branding efforts and help you protect your target audience from scammers.

  1. Improved Functionality

Improved functionality is another reason to establish email hosting on your virtual private server. Outsourcing email hosting means you rely on the service provider who has all the controls in their hand. You will have to comply with the conditions, functionalities, and features they offer. They can change, upgrade, or restrict the functionalities at any time without your consent. Setting up your own email hosting will allow you the ease to decide your functionalities and features and upgrade them according to your needs. So, take appropriate measures to set it up.

  1. Better Privacy

Better privacy is one of the most crucial reasons for authorities to set up business email on virtual private servers. Privacy is extremely important for businesses in this advanced era. Hackers and competitors are always on the lookout to misuse the confidential information of a setup. Opting for outsourced email hosting increases this risk as the authorities have to accept the terms and conditions. Setting up your email hosting on a virtual private server allows you to set your terms and conditions. It will strengthen your privacy and boost your satisfaction.

  1. Higher Cost Efficiency

Higher cost efficiency is another significant reason for authorities to set up email hosting on virtual private servers. Outsourcing email hosting means you are totally dependent on the service provider. You have to meet their conditions, even if you are not getting high-quality services or expected rewards. It can cause significant loss in the long run. Setting up your email hosting on virtual private servers helps you take all the controls into your hands. You will be enjoying more perks and benefits without additional cost, so it is the most cost-efficient option.

  1. No Downtime

No downtime is the last reason to set up business emails on virtual private servers. While most email hosting services claim zero downtime, they are often the target of cybercrimes. Any successful attack can increase downtime for your email, too. Emails are usually the main channel of official communication. Downtime in it can halt your communication and dealings, causing immense financial loss. Hosting email on your server can help you ensure zero downtime. You can consult a VPS hosting company in Dubai to set up email hosting and all other essentials and enjoy seamless service.

Do you need a VPS for email hosting?

If you are looking for the ultimate hosting option for your site and email, a virtual private server is the best choice. Get in touch with professional hosting service providers to explore the plans and opt for the best one to enjoy quality service.

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